Reuse Christmas Greeting Cards / Reutiliza Las Tarjetas De Felicitacion De Navidad




Probably doing the Spring cleaning, you've found the Christmas greeting cards you received. Instead of recycling them, you can give them a second life the next Christmas. When you send them to your friends and family, they will see the green you are.

It's quite simple. Just cut the old card and glue it in a new folded cardstock, choosing the suitable colour and size.

I give you some tricks for an optimal result... it will look better than you think!

Pictures of your own work or ideas reusing Christmas cards are welcome.

SAFETY ADVICE: This instructable use sharp tools. Be careful about it. If you are not sure how to use them, don't continue. For kids, it is MANDATORY adult supervision and help.

Spanish version

Seguramente haciendo la limpieza primaveral te has encontrado tarjetas de Navidad que recibiste. En lugar de reciclarlas, puedes darles una segunda vida las proximas Navidades. Cuando las envies a tus amigos y familiares, veran lo ecologico que eres.

Es muy simple: solo recorta las viejas felicitaciones y pegalas en una cartulina doblada, escogiendo el color y tamanno adecuado.

Te doy algunos trucos para un acabado perfecto... !quedan mejor de lo que imaginas!

Envia fotos con tus propias creaciones o ideas reutilizando tarjetas de Navidad.

CONSEJO DE SEGURIDAD: Este instructable utiliza herramientas cortantes. Ten cuidado con ellas. Si no estas seguro de como se usan, por favor, no continues. Para ninnos, es OBLIGATORIA la supervision y ayuda de adultos.

Step 1: Cut the Old Cards / Recorta Las Tarjetas Viejas

You need:

1 - Old Christmas cards.
2 - New coloured cardstock.
3 - Rule.
4 - Pencil.
5 - Cutter.
6 - Glue.
7 - Cutting mat.

Choose cards from organizations, shops or so on... If it's handwritten, be sure that the opposite side of the drawing is clean, because someone could read it holding against the light.

Cut it making smaller, attending to the drawing.



1 - Felicitaciones de Navidad viejas.
2 - Cartulina nueva de colores.
3 - Regla.
4 - Lapiz.
5 - Cutter.
6 - Cola.
7 - Superfice de corte.

Escoge las tarjetas de organizaciones, tiendas y similares... Si estuviera manuscrita, asegurate de que el lado contrario al dibujo esta vacio, porque se podria leer lo escrito al trasluz.

Cortala haciendola mas pequenna, teniendo en cuenta el dibujo.

Step 2: Cut the New Card and Fold It / Recorta La Cartulina Y Doblala

Cut the new card in coloured cardstock, greater than double of the old one. Mark the half and fold it.

For better result, before folding, score the line with the cutter (with the opposite side of the cutting edge, of course). Then, make pressure with the fingernail moving it along the fold.


Recorta la cartulina nueva, de un tamanno mayor que el doble que la vieja. Marca la mitad y doblala.

Para obtener mejores resultados, antes de doblar marca la linea con el cutter (con la parte opuesta al filo, por supuesto). Despues, haz presion con la unna moviendola a lo largo del doblez.

Step 3: Arrange Borders and Glue / Arregla Los Bordes Y Pega

Now, check the borders of the card. You must arrange them to make them equal. Cut a very little strip if needed.

Glue the old card on the side you want, leaving borders. I recommend you to leave four, three or two borders at least, depending on your design...

Finally, flatten the finished card putting some heavy books on for a couple of hours to prevent bending.


Ahora comprueba los bordes. Hay que igualarlos. Para ello, si es necesario corta una tira muy estrecha.

Pega la tarjeta vieja en un cara, dejando bordes. Recomiendo dejar cuatro, tres o dos al menos, segun tu disenno...

Finalmente, aplasta la tarjeta acabada con algunos libros gordos durante dos horas para evitar que se combe.



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    9 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I LOVE THIS CONCEPT! I will start making these soon!  Thanks!

    nancy Joyce

    10 years ago on Step 1

    Last year...I recycled used Christmas cards, I received over the years.........only the very pretty ones. Then used them as ...Christmas post cards....! Saved on postage..! This is for all you thrifty people , out t6here, Nancy joyce

    It’s such a pity! The majority of the 7 billion greeting cards purchased in the US each year are discarded. Despite the beauty of their design, the purpose of greeting cards is to provide your family and friends the feeling of importance, then be thrown away! The landfill is the final destination for all these beautiful cards…until NOW! By using Thoughtful Card Sender labels you can recycle and extend the life of your valued greeting cards. Impress your family and friends by using these money saving and environmentally conscious labels at!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    P.S. If you paste them onto construction paper to make new cards is it difficult to find envelopes the correct size?

    1 reply

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Of course, first meassure the envelope you want to use and then cut the new card of the correct size...


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea. I often just take the front off of the cards and send them like postcards. The first year I did this I got some raised eyebrows but have since gotten several "post" Christmas cards back =)

    Mr. Rig It

    11 years ago on Step 1

    I think you may want to add a safety note somewhere about using sharp objects. I also like that you use a cutting board. This is a neat idea, if you haven't entered it into the Green contest I think you should. I like that you wrote it in two languages and you have provided a lot of pictures.

    2 replies
    ansanmaMr. Rig It

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks of course: safety advice added! Would be a good idea if Instructables adds some predefined advices when publishing, the same way you choose category, difficulty or cost...