Reuse Cans to Organize

I know it's a nasty habit, but I dip tobacco.  I have a lot of empty cans lying around that I put back just in case.  I finally figured out things to do with them.  Not everyone out there dips, but I bet you know someone who does.  Get those empty cans.  It takes a few minutes to clean them up, but they make great storage units.

Step 1: Cleaning

I started by taking all of the paper labels off.  It takes a little time.  You can try different ways.  I just pulled them off, then used a little WD-40 to clean the remaining glue and paper off.  (I use WD-40 for lots of things)  When you get the outside clean, it's time for the inside.  If you take the lid off and set them in the sun, it dries out the wet plant and it's easy to wipe out.  If you want it really clean, you can soak them in soapy water, or just run them through the dishwasher.  

Step 2: Fill 'em Up!

After the cleaning is done, just fill them up with whatever you can fit in them.  In the shop, nuts, bolts, screws, and washers.  In the camper, fuses, batteries, matches, and bulbs.  Crafts, buttons, needles, bobbins, and beads.  I put my ear buds in them to prevent twisting and crushing my ear pieces.  Most of these cans will fit in a Pringle's can for even more condensed storage.  If you are from the South, a dip can around the house isn't out of place, even as a coaster.



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