Electronic Kitchen Funnel. Pour Powder, Coffee Creamer, Coffee and Flour. I Made It at TechShop.

Introduction: Electronic Kitchen Funnel. Pour Powder, Coffee Creamer, Coffee and Flour. I Made It at TechShop.

     Oftentimes, we have old gadgets that we retired that could be used to make new gadgets that would be useful to solve some problem(s).   It would be fun to do such project.
     One gadget is an old electronic toothbrush.  One problem is filling an old coffee creamer can using funnel.  
      Though our example is very minor inconvenience problem, vibration is use in all industrial powder fill process.

Problem Statement:
      The problem is to fill creamer to can with small opening.  We need to use a funnel and tap the funnel continually.  We fill the funnel spoonful by spoonful.  The process is slow and boring.  The other problem is the existing funnel holes are round and not most effective fit the the container hole (triangular in our case, see picture).


       To make a 3D Funnel that fit the coffee creamer opening.
       To add an interface between the funnel and the electronic toothbrush.

Procedure & Design:
       Use Autodesk Inventor or Fusion to create a funnel to fit the triangular opening on the creamer can. 
In my observation, it is best to design the interface with plugging in the whole tooth brush into the funnel interface hole.  See picture to have an idea of the interface.
        I will make the toothbrush as the funnel holder.  I will add that interface on the top of the funnel and 3D Printing would be upside down... thereby we won't have problem with 3D Printing "support".
       I change the angle of the interface to slant down.  This way, the funnel won't fall off... especially when there is vibration.

     This project is a huge success.  Even without using electronics ultrasonic vibration, the funnel design alone solved the solution with a little tapping.   When then vibration is added, it eliminated the need for tapping.

      The interface dimension need to be updated and re-verified to make a good fit.  Once the dimension is finalized and verified, I would add the .stl file.

Thank you for viewing.

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