Reuse Odor Absorbing Gel Beads

Introduction: Reuse Odor Absorbing Gel Beads

Over time these Gel style odor absorbers will dry up and no longer freshen up your home. Here's a quick and easy way to extend the life of your air freshener 3 or more times its original length.

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Step 1: Video

Watch the video if you prefer!

Step 2: Just Add Water!

What used to be the odor absorbing gel balls are now shriveled up at the bottom of the container. This one has been sitting out for quite some time and is very dries out. All that's needed to bring it back to life is adding some water to rehydrate the gel balls. I don't even need to remove the lid on mine.

Step 3: Time

The gel balls will absorb the water and start to return to how they were originally. You can tell when they are fully rehydrated because they will become more clear rather than the have cloudy color that they do when dried out. I added some more water. After adding water all that's needed is to wait some time (30 minutes)

Step 4: Done!

Now your gel balls are back to their original size and will continue to freshen up your home. I ended up filing the container 3 times with water to get them fully back. You can do this trick about 5 times without a noticeable difference in its effectiveness.

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