Reuse Old Discarded French Doors

Introduction: Reuse Old Discarded French Doors

With a set of old French doors stored under the house for years, they were given away then returned as not required in an intended reno. I was left feeling like "what can I do with these"... And thought perhaps they could be used as a room divider hinged together or a set of pantry doors but then I decided I'll make then into rustic wall art/frames.

Step 1: Separating the Bottom From the Top

I separated the bottom half from the top using a saw being careful to remove the old cracked class first. I kept the integrity of the doors in place ... The edges and holes where the doors handles were fixed.

I struggled with the 'will I or won't I' strip the old layers of paint off as this is stripping away history so I left the would be frames in a very rustic state for quite some time placed on display in the house convinced that's how they should stay until I had that 'moment of clarity' (and a long weekend to work on stripping all the years of layered paint off).

Once the old paint was stripped I decided to paint just the inside trim white and then oiled the outer timber.

Step 2: The Finishing Touches

My very talented niece 'breeanna feld' provided me with the beautiful pencil drawn birds (I am waiting on one more). I needed glass to protect them so the best place to get this was from the local hardware store; they cut the glass to size and I was also able to purchase a packet of little metal push in pin type thingy bits to hold the glass - happy days!

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    4 years ago

    Oh, nice, very nice! I love the contrast of the dark wood.