3D Printed Casing for Bluetooth Amplifier TDA7492P





Introduction: 3D Printed Casing for Bluetooth Amplifier TDA7492P

I've earned an old amplifier with speakers that a friend was throwing away and since the amplifier was not working, I decided to recycle the speakers with an wireless bluetooth set.

Step 1: Check Your Speakers and Choose Your Audio Amp Board

there is a variety of audio amp boards you can get.

i got this one but you can pick an appropriated one for your project.



in my next build i'll try this one for 3W speakers:


it's up to you or the needs of your project. just check some reviews first, the one i got didn't had an AUX line in...

Step 2: Choose and Check a Power Supply

check your amp board schematics for the power supply info.

in my case its 8-25V DC. and i have a box full of old ones.

always check the Voltage to see if it's working well

Step 3: Design a Fancy Enclosure for Your New Amp. System!

Measure the PCB and design 3D file in the CAD software of your choice.

ex.: solid works, fusion 360, sketch up, rhino, blender, etc....

Step 4: 3D Print or Build Your Own Case

if you use the same board as I did, feel free to download and print my design.


if you don't have a 3D Printer you can always use https://www.3dhubs.com

Step 5: Assemble and Check One More Time If Everything Works

Step 6: Test It Again and Have Fun



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    We are doing a similar project for a school project. By any chance could you tell me where you got the Fusion 360 file for the TDA7492P board. Did you draw it? Would you share it with us? Thanks very much.

    Hi @sbizarro

    How did you like the quality of the amplifier board that you used in your project?

    I'm thinking of using a similar board that adds AUX input https://goo.gl/1sSNbv

    1 reply

    Hi Arthur,

    the sound quality is really nice for the price. mine doesn't have a line in nor on/off button.

    still i use it almost every day and so far works great.

    Hey there. I also have some speakers that are not being used.
    What kind of wire goes into the speakers and to the amp?

    Cheers (;

    1 reply

    Hi!! you just need two wires for each speaker, and a power supply for the bluetooth audio amp. module.


    2 years ago

    This is very cool. so many things are Bluetooth. could the case be modified to include speaker jacks on back an house a small power supply inside? great project! -hjp

    1 reply

    Thanks!!! just need to redesign it... maybe in the next one. I really need an AUX Line In.