Reuse Trees for Woodburning

I was helping a friend clear some land to build a cabin.  Unfortunately, we had to cut some nice trees.  Some of those were Cedar and Dogwood trees.  I hate to see those trees go to waste, or just get burned.  So I took several logs to reuse.  I used a chop saw to cut small slabs of the logs.  The sizes varied depending on the log.  Then I simply came up with ideas to draw on the wood, and burned the picture with a wood burner.  I made dozens of projects and gave them to people.  I gave my friend some to put up in his cabin.  Now, some of the original timber is still on site in a new form.  I really like the cedar.  While burning the picture, the heat dried the wood so that it would often crack, giving it an unique appearance.  Not to mention, the smell was great.   I have also used left over wood to make other projects, so as not to waste good wood.  I hope this gives you some good ideas.  If you are lucky enough to have a laser engraver, many of these ideas can be created using it as well.



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