Reuse Your Mobile Battery for Powering Your Projects




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If you have unused mobile batteries then this instructable is for you

warning: Lithium batteries prone to explosion.wear safety gears.dont use puffed and expired battery. don't allow the terminals to touch/short circuit.I am not responsible for any explosion and damages to your property.Do this instructable at your risk.

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Step 1: Things Needed

A Mobile phone battery
headers (male or female)

Step 2: Modify the Battery

Inorder to use the battery we need to take the + & - lines from it.

Step 3: Remove Outer Layer

you will be see a metal surface inside which is the positive can directly connect wires to draw power.

Step 4: Open the Top of Battery

find the negative terminal of battery with the help of multimeter.
Directly connect the wires to the terminals.
Then repack the battery.
you can also remove the top(limiting circuit) of the battery if it not needed.

Step 5: Connect the Wires With Headers.

connect wires to headers to power your projects.

Step 6: Charging

note the rating of battery and charge it.
As there is no indication for full charge calculate the timing to charge.

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    That is a good idea. Old batteries often still work, they just don't the battery life that they used to .

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