Reuse of White Bikini

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Stanlice suggested you up with three ways to use white bikinis in different ways.

Step 1: Cool and Casual With Stanlice

Does your idea of a great day at the seaside involve a competitive game of volleyball followed by a good splash about in the waves to cool off? Show off your active, sporty side by pairing this sleek, high-leg bikini with denim cut-offs – it’s a classic beach look that never goes out of style.

Cover up but keep cool with a boxy, mesh or fishnet tee. Not only are they a hot trend right now, but they have the added bonus of still showing off the chic bikini below - what’s not to love?! Finish the look with cute shades and a pretty-but-practical rucksack to carry everything around in as you roller skate your way up and down the boardwalk.

White Angel bikini – Stanlice
Mid-waist shorts – Stanlice

T-shirt – New Look

Rucksack - Hunter

Sunglasses – Taylor Morris

Step 2: ​Poolside Glamour With Stanlice

If the above all sounds like far too much effort for the summer heat and you’d rather just laze by the pool, sipping a strawberry mojito and topping up your tan, a chic white bikini is still a great choice. Not only is this colour elegant and timeless, but it contrasts beautifully against sun-kissed skin to make you look positively radiant and glowing. To truly achieve that luxury, resort-ready look, a beautiful kaftan is a must. It doesn’t matter if you prefer decadent prints like this botanical floral kimono, or sumptuous lace, beads and tassels – it just needs to look expensive! Complete the look with a pair of cork wedges to elongate your legs, matching straw hat (the floppier the better!), and your biggest pair of oversized shades for covert people-watching. As for accessories, go for gold – a shimmering body chain adds instant luxe appeal to a simple white bikini.

White triangle bikini - Stanlice

Vintage floral print kimono - Stanlice

Rose gold sunglasses - Stanlice

Body chain - Stanlice

Wedges – H&M Hat - Dune

Step 3: Fun and Fabulous With Stanlice

Who says a plain white bikini is boring? Not when it’s paired with some bold, quirky accessories it isn’t. Still loving those ubiquitous, colourful pom-pom sandals? Then you’ll be glad to know they’re still in style, so continue to wear them with pride in 2017! A pair of denim shorts trimmed with a vibrant rainbow of tassels is the perfect match. And as for sunnies, they don’t come much cooler than these oversized cat’s eye frames.

But the true pièce de résistance? A flamingo pool float! You’ve seen them all over Instagram and they’re every bit as fun as they look. If you really want to have a great time and take some awesome photos, don’t hit the beach or pool without one.

White bikini - Stanlice
Tasselled shorts – River Island

Cat sunglasses – Stanlice

Pom-pom sandals - EGO

Flamingo pool float – Stanlice



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