Reuse Plastic Bottles and Old Candles to Make New Candles




Introduction: Reuse Plastic Bottles and Old Candles to Make New Candles

Materials needed

Old/used candles

Weaved cotton rope

Used plastic bottles

Tools needed


Drill bit (same diameter as the cotton rope)

Cooking pan


exacto knife



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Step 1: Drill Holes

Drill holes in the middle of the bottom of the plastic bottles

Step 2: Rope and Tape

Cut pieces of rope the size of the bottles plus 10 cm

Example bottle height = 15 cm therefore rope length = 25 cm

Now put the rope through the bottle

Use the duct tape to tape the rope (very tight) tothe bottom

Step 3: Knot Around Nail

Tie a knot around a nail so the rope will stays in the middle of the bottle

Step 4: Melt the Candles

Break pieces of the candles and put them in the cooking pot

Let the wax melt on a low fire

Step 5: Pour the Wax

Pour the molten wax in the bottles

Let them cool overnight

Step 6: Peel the Plastic of the Candles

Cut the rope just below the nail

Use the exacto knife to make a diagonal cut in the top of the bottle

Now you can just peel the rest of the candles

Cut the rope on the bottom of the candle

Step 7: Finished

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago


    I followed all the instructions. everything went good until I poured the wax into the bottle. the bottle melted. is there a way to preserve the bottle during pouring the wax so that it doesnot melt? I need to have a candle shaped like the bottle that I have.

    Any help please