Reuse That Editioned Photopolymer Plate!




Introduction: Reuse That Editioned Photopolymer Plate!

This is a fun way to get more out of your photo printmaking. The photopolymer printmaking plate in this photo is solar plate.

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Step 1: After Exposure!

This is how the solar plate plate looked like after it was exposed.

Step 2: Wiping the Plate

Wiping etching ink into the plate surface.

Step 3: Wiping the Plate Edges.

Make sure the edges are clean.

Step 4: Reuse That Solar Plate!

In order to effectively "cancel" the plate I trim the image into special shapes and  save them. Whenever I need another layer in a piece I have a selection of random shapes with photo imagery to choose from.  They can be quickly inked up and run through the the etching press .
Good luck, and Happy Printmaking

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