Reuse Your Nespresso Capsules Simple and Easy and Cheap





Introduction: Reuse Your Nespresso Capsules Simple and Easy and Cheap

I´m sure others have figured this solution out but nobody posted
it here but i wanted to share it.

I got tired of the blends nespresso offers and gave it a go to try to refill them with other blends,
and well yes im a cheap bastard also since they do cost much x capsule.

I tend to use the capsules 2 or 3 times since they poke new holes in the back but most times i seem to manage put it in so it uses the same holes again without even trying to do that.

Step 1: Preparation

Take the capsule and carve off the metallic film following the inner ring and then empty and rinse it.

Step 2: Filling

Fill the capsule with about 1.5 - 2 teaspoons of your favourite espresso blend don´t
pack it to hard or the machine will struggle and the coffe will taste bad.

Step 3: Sealing

Take a piece of foil and cut it so you have some spare
and then tuck it neatly under the edge and boom your done.

Step 4: Brewing

Now all you need to do is brew your coffe and enjoy it,
you might have packed the coffe to loose or to tight just try
again and you will get it right.

It´s very easy and way cheaper then the "originals".



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1 year ago

It works

Anyone try the stainless reusable Way Caps for Nespresso machines? I just found them online. Re-usable forever which seems wonderful. Not inexpensive (2 for 60 Euros or pounds) but worth it over the long haul. Stainless made in Italy which I like and now I can use my own organic coffee. Anyone ever use them? Fingers crossed for me, but I like the idea.

It's a great DIY and will allow us not to be bound by the high cost pods. I also saw a few cheaper alternatives that cost as low as $0.49. I read them here and these are really cheap and worth the taste. I preferred Hiline and they are amazing, no doubt.

Sorry!...I meant LIDL in my last post and not Aldi. However the coffee capsules from Aldi are pretty decent too, if you can get them!

Funnily, I have never had a lot of luck out of re-using nespresso capsules. I find the result a bit insipid and watery. I reuse the capsules from LIDL....yes LIDL!.....Its great coffee too and cheap, but like the OP says, I am a stingy re-use freak! The capsules from Aldi are sturdier and do not get punctured in the rear as they have a recessed rim with microfine holes. I always get a perfect shot of lungo albeit with a slightly reduced crema layer.

I'm a coffee-lover, but I've never seen the point of these capsule machines.  What's wrong with a cafetier or a stove-top espresso maker?

That aside, this is a very useful project for those who like a gadget-filled kitchen.

Well done.

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Kiteman, you may never read this as you posted 6 years ago in any case I fully agree however now I've been gifted one and realize there is one benefit; they are quick and neat therefore good when you have a pile of people to entertain. Otherwise they double or even triple the price of your cup of coffee and restrict your options...

They're good for two or three guests, but for more than that I prefer the cafetiere.

Just remember a cafetiere will produce a completely different coffee.

The Nespresso Pixie has 19bar of pressure. Caffietiere and stove-top have zero. For fans of coffee, the pressure allows what is known as the crema to form. This is the bright sometimes creamy looking foam that forms on the top. Have a go with a coffee house that serves good coffee (espresso) with crema, you'll be a convert!

You're replying to a five-year old comment - in that time, my wife bought me a capsule machine for a birthday, and I'm a convert.

Bear in mind that cafetiers and stove-top espresso makers are both kitchen gadgets too - and ones (in my experience) that almost never get used because I think they're a pain to wash and dry, or a pain to use and ground coffee doesn't keep fresh for long. The pod-based systems are literally service and maintenence-free and the pods keep fresh for months as opposed to days.  That's why I got one anyway, and because the machine was so compact.  I have a little kitchen, and no room (or money) for a good burr grinder and standard espresso machine. I am a convert, I admit!

Nespresso do have a recycling program for the pods, but only in switzerland I think!

I used to think the same thing myself until my wife won a Nespresso machine in a raffle. We decided to try it out and now my $2,000 espresso machine hardly gets used. Turn this baby on and within one minute you are drinking a cup of coffee. I'm hooked and as they say don't knock it till you try it. I can recommend these machines.

I am disabled and cannot lift anything as heavy as a caraf. Able-bodied people often miss the unlikely reason for a choice.

Since making that post, my wife has bought me a single-cup coffee machine that uses either loose ground coffee, or you can drop in one of a range of capsules.

Have a look.

Would you please share what machine this is, that can use the loose ground coffee or a range of capsules? I had seen an ad for one like that, but never could find it online. I do have one that will take either Keurig or ground coffee, but one that will handle a bigger variety would be even better. Thanks!

I'm afraid that the particular model I have does not seem to be available any more.

(That's a 3 year old post you're replying to.)