Reuses for Legacy Computers II.

Introduction: Reuses for Legacy Computers II.

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The old instructable was getting a bit long. So here is a new instructable for goodies.

Still cranking..
Chemistry experiments
Most up tp date operating systems will not tun on an old pentium one. Openbsd will and makes a great home web server.
Old B&W works well enough with the Raspberry Pi.
Use an old "AT: motherboard serial cable on the Raspberry Pi for a gpio connection. 
Turn an old PC into a clock and conversation piece. (
Use an old tv as a monitor for the Arduino via tv.out.
Stepper motor from old floppy drive for robotics projects.. (Worth repeating)
Use old hand help pdas and like as serial terminals. Once upon a time it was the hacking device of choice.
Nas appliances used as full servers. You can install linux on quite a few of them.
De-soldering braid from cable shielding. This one was from the vga cable I was making the vga breakout cable. 
Linux running on an old Apple Mac G3. (worth repeating)
Most old power supplys including the old xt have +5 and +12 that can be used for projects. (An Amiga ps shown) Check the manual and or documentation to be sure. Even if they are dead , they are great for parts such as heat sinks and etc.
The old Airlink101 430w will run dd-wrt, but you have to do a redboot install (advanced users).
Have an old intel based computer that is still good, but it will not run MSWindows or Linux. Try ReactOS.
Old floppy cases are great cd rom holders or a great place to store hand written recipes.
Turn your old pc's into thin clients and boot from an ltsp server.
Turn an old pc into a network  router. (
Take and old HP jet direct and use it for home automation.
You can mount your old computers like trophies. (No taxidermist required.)
Dos (yes a dos) web server.  We have it working!
Old pc =  rocket launcher, home automation controller, holiday light controller, or a robot brain! (Boots from compact flash).
Turn an old pc into a stereo. Another use for that old server. (We just ssh into it and run our playlist or just play a random song). (mpd or mplayer)
Reconstructing old computers into fpga replacements.
Robot clock: (Can be run from a local web server or in a simple browser locally)
An association that reuses computers: .
This site has some interesting uses (i.e. guitar pick):
Magnets from hard drives as refrigerator magnets
Home made generators from hard drive magnets
Let your computer be a stereo. for older machines that will run the mt-daapd music server.
More to come,

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    You did not include FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, or plan9.