Reuses for Legacy Computers.

Introduction: Reuses for Legacy Computers.

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Many reuses: Do not forget

Turn your old equipment into musical instruments:
Who said that old computer could not do graphics or show movies:
Funky Clock
Cdrom motors for mini-robot.
Security system
Old Apple imac 192 meg ram into linux deskop. (something I did a while back)
(Operating systems that support really old computers. openbsd, deli linux, and etc) (Most linux distros (but not all) will support PII or better. Debian, Ubuntu, and etc will.
support most "New age" ppc macs.)
Old computer as a server. (web email, music, file, print, router, and etc.) ( and there are a ton of instructables)
Security system
Turn a pc into a sort of diskless thin client.
Monitor as a tv.
Parts for other projects.
Clothing accessories.
Pet cage from an old monitor. (Be sure to check for any health risks)
Computer case shelf.
Toilet paper dispenser.
Barbecue pit.
Computer controlled coffee maker.
Digital frame.(lots of instructables on this site.)
Computer case coin bank.
Art pieces
Bread bin. (Be sure to check for any health risks)
Computer desk support from old cases. (be sure to secure well) (one case high and you have a coffee table.)
Knife sharpener (or computerized lazy Susan?)
Wall paper
Science data collection workstation (also teach science)
Baby rocker ((eject; eject -t) script loop in linux)
Home automation.
Soldering hand. (just an old at power suppy case side with some coat hangers and clips)
Set up you own private intranet to hone your networking skills. (i.e. how dns works)
Make someone happy. ( )
Check this out too: .

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    6 Discussions

    Plastic in computer cases, especially old ones comtain toxic fire retardants. Not good for food, babies or pets .. but some good ideas here --Thanks !!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    That is why it is much better to continue to use, rather than try to recycle these useful old machines. There are SD-Card to IDE adapters that you can use to go diskless, using a 2gb thumb drive you can run linux & stream audio or video .. Connect to other computers on the network where hard drives are at, to boot, play video, audio, web browse, etc.. Older machines can make great starter machines for kids & there are even kid-oriented linux distro's 8)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    If you are only running freedos or the like, DOM's are perfect for that. they were little disk cartridges that plug in the ide calbe. on measured in K, but are much larger than the average floppy. Actually I ran 486/p1s as thin clients with just a floppy using pxeboot for a long time with ltsp (linux terminal server project v4).


    8 years ago on Introduction

    great cartoon presentation for a huge issue.....thnx


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanx. Actually it was a presentation someone did for the linux foundation. They deserve all the credit. I just reposted it so to speak.

    Thank you for your comment. Just the messenger here.... I would hope that people would be intelligent enough to do research and to take the proper precautions to eliminate any possible issue. Personally, I do not have any pets nor do I store food in used computer parts.