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What if we change polluting items to non polluting items that's too without spending a single penny? We can do it by using our store room garbage!
What do you do with water bottles, cold drink bottles, Plastic boxes,beer cans or iron boxes?Are you throwing it in garbage by thinking it's a polluting item?If yes then please stop it! We can use these bottles to build natural air purifiers for our home/room. We don't need to spend a single penny on this project we will build it by reusing useless items of our home.
And the good thing is that by reusing theseย  'useless' looking items we are also contributing in making our environment clean.
Friends here I'm sharing mine creative ways to reuse these plastic bottles to build this cheapest air purifier and home decorator. It will also increase the beauty of your room!


1-Any useless Plastic/Iron/Aluminium bottles/boxes
2-Iron cutter
4-soil (not necessary)
5-Scindapsus aureus Plant(commonly known as Money-Plant/ Silver Vine)

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Step 1: Making Hole on the Bottle

Take a useless water bottle and make two holes of diameter about 5 CM just opposite to each other as shown in below images.Mark each whole as L and R respectively

Step 2: Add Water and Soil Into the Bottle

Now we will add water into the bottle the level of water must be below the holes
Note-You can also add small amount of soil in water but it's depend upon the plant used!

Step 3: It's Time for Plantation

Now bring a Scindapsus aureus plant from somewhere (It can be propagated from stem cuttings so you can take it from an old plant)
Note-It's not necessary to use Scindapsus aureus you can use any 'Hydropronic' plant(but in case of other Plants you have to add extra minerals in water)
Reason for Using Scindapsus Aureus Plants and It's Benefits-
1-Scindapsus Aureus is one of the best plants to purify air polluted with synthetic chemicals from furniture and cleaning solutions. It energizes the home by filtering air and increasing oxygen inflow.
2-Special characteristic of money plant is that it can grow in a water-filled container without any soil. It can survive in a bottle filled with water alone for a reasonable time, if you simply keep changing or refilling the water. Although many plants can be grown hydroponically, money plants can survive on the naturally occurring minerals in plain water, without the addition of nutrients

Step 4: Final Step!!

Now we will tie upper end of the bottle from thread and now we can Hang it anywhere in our home, maybe wall or roof!
And your Home air purifier is ready. Is not it quite easy and simple? If yes then you should also try it and let's make our environment clean by using these simple looking ideas๐Ÿž
Note-I also added an old a pic of old version of my project.

Step 5: Few More Ideas!

Guys these are few more ideas-
Please tell me how it is!
If you like mine work then please support me๐Ÿ™‚
Sorry for poor image quality and poor English as I'm from a small village in India and financially weaker family I can afford only cheap things.
But still I'm trying to afford 'Expensive Dreams'
I want an opportunity to expose myself to this world and that's why I wanna win this contest so that I can buy a camera to start my YouTube Channel ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Thank you!

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8 days ago

This is genius! Just the start of an amazing idea!!! more people should do this including me.

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9 days ago on Step 5

Great effort! And don't feel disheartened. Everything starts small. Just don't give up. I would love to see more of such creative (innovative) work by you.

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Reply 9 days ago

It means a lot to me!!๐Ÿ™‚