Reusing Dead Electric Lighters for Fun!

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Hello! I am Argha Halder. I am a high school student and I am mad about making stuff and learning science. Today I am going to talk a little about how electric lighters work and share a few fun things to do using dead electric lighters. So lets get started!

Step 1: #1 . How Does an Electric Lighter Work?

An electric Lighter has three main parts, the igniter, the gas valve and supply, and the clicking mechanism. The igniter is a piezoelectric igniter. It consists of a piezoelectric material, and two metal bases. A piezoelectric material produces a spike of voltage if it is bent or pressed or deformed. The two other metals collect the voltage. The clicking mechanism allows you to press on the piezoelectric material really fast and hard and a large voltage but small current electricity is produced. The voltage is about 10000 volts. The metal collects it and using a wire it carries it on to the top of the lighter where there is a spring at a distance of about 1 cm from the wire. The voltage is so high that a spark jumps from the wire to the spring. But as soon as you click the mechanism it also opens the gas opening at the right time and so the spark from the wire to the spring turns into fire and stays lighted as long as you press on it.

Step 2: #2. Enough of Science! Lets Do Something Cool!

First of all we are going to choose the lighter. It should not have any gas left.

Step 3:

Next we are going to open up the steel covering from the lighter’s front.

Step 4:

Now you would see all the insides of the lighter. My lighter was overly used and so it was burnt all over. Anyway when you open the cover you would see a wire sticking on a black plastic hole. Push the wire so that it becomes loose from the plastic hole.

Step 5:

Now break off a bit off plastic covering the igniter on the back side, using a knife.

Step 6:

Now you could see the piezo. This is how it looks on my ones.

Step 7:

Now put the igniter back in its place, bend the wire towards any metal on the igniter, and click it. You should see a spark Jump!

Step 8: # 3. Lets Shock Someone With It!

The igniter can produce a voltage of 10000 volts and up and so it is a really good taser. But it won’t injure or harm anybody because it has a very low current. But keep in mind any person with heart diseases or other problem might fall victim to injury and so be extremely careful while doing this. Just click the igniter and touch the wire to someone and bam!! He or she jumps up or screams your ears out.

Always be careful and wear Gloves!!

Step 9: ​# 4. Watch Some Cool L.E.D S Running on These!

For this we will need some good ground. When I am saying ground I don’t mean soil, I mean a place for the electricity to go to. Your water taps are really good for this. Go to a water tap and attach one of the legs of an L.E.D to it. Bring the igniter close to the other leg and click! Don’t make contact of the igniter with led while clicking. Keep them at a distance and you’d see firstly sparks jump from the wire to the L.E.D. and next you’d see the L.E.D glow for a flash of dim light. Although leds burnout at 10 volts or higher,, here the Voltage is attached for such a small time and the current is so low that the L.E.D does not burn out.

Step 10: Watch the Video!

So thats pretty much it. Always wear gloves and remember it produces 10000 volts and higher, so its quite easy for it to shock you through any metals lying near that, that is why keep it away from metals when you are using it. Have Fun!

If you need any help or want to give more ideas feel free to do so! Have a great day!



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