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If you are like me and often take apart used, broken, or even just useless electronic devices, then you probably wonder "Well... what should I do with all this cool stuff." or if you're like my mom, you wonder "What are you gonna use all this junk for !?" Answering these questions, there are many things to do with old electronics. In this instructable I will show you how to reuse those old electronic components or circuit boards by converting them into sculptures!


Step 1: Gathering Materials

Of course you can use those old electronics for new projects, but what do you do with the circuit board and other components extracted that were not used? Store them until you need them for another project? Throw them out? No. Make some cool sculptures!

Gathering The Materials
There are a few things you need for sculpting, Wire cutters, Hot glue, and a Screwdriver. These will aid you in the demolition of your device along with the sculpting of your electronic figure.

When collecting materials for a sculpture, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want to make. Try to find a large number of smaller circuit boards for arms, legs, feet, and other things depending on what creature you are making. Buttons, Speakers, Gears, Jacks, and small metal pieces make great fillers that tie together the whole sculpture. When finding you pieces, try to envision what you are going to use the piece for. It is important to gather many pieces since, most of the time the pieces do not workout how you had planned.

Step 2: Building Your Sculpture

Building Tips
- I like to start by making the base/torso then building off of that (Picture #1)
- Build Arms, Legs, Head, and other parts prior to connecting to the base
- Wrap wires around a leg or arm to attain a robotic feel (Pic 2,3)
- Buttons and LED's make great eyes (Pic 4)
- Batteries make great back items for a robotic sculpture
- Gears, Buttons, Speakers, LED's, Fuses, and Capacitors are great fillers (Pic 5)
- Use all pieces of your electronic device such as Metal, Gears, or Casing
- Speakers make great mouths
- Metal rods are great legs/arms
- If a circuit board has character (lots of components) use it to your advantage, don't screw it up (Pic 6)
- Showcase that one cool piece you find (Pic 4)

Step 3: Finished Product

You are only limited to your imagination! This is a gallery of some of my sculptures.

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3 years ago

I dig it......check out mine on You Tube (bob667)....I had to move and dump a lot of my acquire parts, but am actively producing again....I like to power up the components (even if it produces nothing but random displays and odd noises)


5 years ago on Introduction

Just remember, You can make anything!
and it doesnt have to be made out of just computer parts,
stuff like old projectors, boomboxes, (pretty much anything made in japan 60s-90s)
can be bought for next to nothing at recycling centres or the dump, and have amazing peices of electrical and mechanics in them that you can utilise in your design, all my plane needs now is a good propeller :)

often times you dont know what your building till it starts to take form! the plane wasnt a plane until I imagined the big cog as a spinning gun turret!


5 years ago on Introduction

hi, good one, take a look here:
i am doing this kind of scrapping for years now


7 years ago on Introduction

I don't know how old you are, but your sculptures are very creative. Now this old man is going to try his hand at it. You inspired me. Thanks, and keep up the good work.


7 years ago on Introduction

whao dis great,but i will add battery and a bulb 2 make it luk lyk a real one


7 years ago on Introduction

i luv it!!! im tryin 2 make a kinda robot which is waterproof, but still have all of the electronic parts which some r just for show, but others work that can do...
:voice interactive, stick a small router in its kinda stomach(gotta be pretty light tho)
can charge up my iphone, add a couple of speakers and walla!!! lol its finished. ive got upto charge iphone, but its gettin a bit heavy tho...................


7 years ago on Introduction

Awsome idea :D nicely done
Sorry, I must get going my Johnny5 isn't going to build itself.... or?


7 years ago on Introduction

Very Cool! I know now what to do with my dead components.

I created these for a different instructable, the Desktop Decepticon, but I think it can fit in this category also. :)

Made with a cell phone, and old modem parts. Articulation at left shoulder allows up and down movement, and articulation at neck allows rotation of head.