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Introduction: Revamp Glass Jar Project!

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This is a tutorial about how you can turn old glass jars into pretty much anything you like.

- Old glass jars ( pickle or jam jars )
- Old Nail Polish ( ones that have expired )
- Old CDs
- Some white acrylic or fabric paint
- A small brush
- Some rough paper
- Imagination
- A color palette ( sequence and the colors you would be using here )


What have you made?
- I have turned a glass jar into a decorative pencil holder / lamp / pot.. anything you want! ( Use your imagination! :D )
Every year we have this "Nature Fair" in our school and the students always prepare creative eco-friendly stuff.
Our teacher told us that this year she wanted us to do something with old glass jars and CDs. As a member of the Eco-Club I suggested that old glass could  be turned into anything from a pencil/pen holder to a pot! And the CDs could be used as a base.
The main things that I have used in this project are -
Glass jars , paint , nail polish , CDs -The reason being that all of them are non - biodegradable , they will simply persist in the environment for years to come.
And the way to dispose such waste is to turn it into something good. :D
Using glass paints (instead of nail polish) would have been easier to work with but they are expensive.. so using them would not have made any sense. ( you would have to buy made to make this project)

How did you make it ?
- I wanted this project to be one where you need not buy any new materials and can use your waste instead.
I took a glass jar and painted it with my mother's old nail polish that had expired. ( she was going to throw it away anyway ).
Then I placed it on a CD which I had decorated earlier.

Where did you make it?
- I made the project at home. We had a one week time to submit our projects. I took it to school on the given day and everyone really liked it! :D  My teacher gave me an A+++ for it.  All my class mates really liked it and wanted to make on for themselves too!

What did you learn?
- I think the most challenging thing in this project was painting with nail polish. D: I'm used to painting alot but with nail polish it was a completely different thing. It was because , nail polish is a lot thicker and stickier than paint and you cannot dilute them either and the smell of acetone is horrible!
You can say I learnt to be creative in an eco-friendly way.. After I finished my jar and submitted to the fair.. I liked it so much that I made a couple more for myself!
And yes, now i can say that I can even paint with nail polish! ( what else could make an artist prouder! :D)
When I did it again I became better and better at the nail polish part..

Step 1: GET JAR-ED!

First step now!

1. Gather all your materials.

2. Take a plain glass jar and cover it with a strip or a piece of paper. ( This is so that you can mark proper lines, it will help you             get neater result while painting )
     Fix the paper using some tape.

*Note - If you asthma or any other breathing problem, please do this project while sitting outside or in a well-ventilated airy room, thank you :3 ( due to the acetone smell )

Step 2: Time to Paint!

Since you have a basic line now, you can start painting! :D

- It would be better if you have prepared a color-scheme beforehand, but if you have not, don't worry.

- The colour sequence is Yellow-Orange-Red-Violet-Dark blue-Blue-Green-White ( but you can use your own too! )

- Don't worry if you don't get a smooth coat the first time, you can always re-coat when the first layer has dried up.

- After painting one colour , just move the paper strip down and continue similarly with the other colors.

Step 3: :D

After finishing with the painting part you will get something like the image above.
After painting, you can take a short break so that the jar gets some time to dry up.

After it has dried, you can re-paint any layer if required. 
You can even varnish it using transparent nail polish...

Step 4: Optional Step

Now bring out all your white paint.

Note - This is an optional step, if you like your jar as it is you need not do this step.

Take a really thin brush and start outlining each colour layer using white fabric paint.

Let the white paint dry and you're doneee....! 

Now that the jar is done, place on one of the old CDs you have.. you can even decorate the CD if you want.

Be sure to see the next step for sure!

Step 5: Donee

Now you must be wondering, what are you going to do with this jar..?

Just so you know, you can use this jar as a -

Pencil/Pen/Brush holder
Lamps  *^*
Wall Decoration
Storing.. stuff..? ( Jam :D )
Money-plant pot
Whatever you want! 

I guess this is the end.. *sniff-sniff* Goodbye stranger. :'D And thank you for doing your bit for the environment!

Step 6: Other Patterns

You can also paint other patterns on your jars... why not even make a puzzle jar..?
Get creative!

If you search the net you can get a lot of rad patterns you can use.

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