Revenge of Post Office Drawings




Introduction: Revenge of Post Office Drawings

Cheating death for a living, since the day I was born.

More ways to let the USPS make a drawing for you, you lazy bum

Step 1: Materials

For this drawing, I chose a box and built the stylus and paper around it. The box was approximately 10"x10".

Step 2: But How to Begin?

I took a 1/4" piece of plywood, approximately 9" square and drilled 9 holes in it. The holes should approximate the diameter of the pencils used. A little over is ok, a lot over is not. Next, cut sharpened pencils to size and install.

Step 3: How to Sharpen a Bunch of Pencils in a Short Amount of Time: an Instructable Inside an Instructable.

At the onset of this idea, my old, beloved Boston Brand electric pencil sharpener died. I tried and tried to revive her, but my efforts were in vain. I still mourn her passing.

But on the upside, I've found a way that makes her fairly obsolete!

Step 1: Find a sad, broken or otherwise unsharpened pencil

Step 2: Secure it in the chuck of a power drill.

Step 3: Apply cheap, plastic manual pencil sharpener

Step 4: Gun it.

You can sharpen a lot of pencils very quickly this way, and it's fun to misuse tools.

Step 4: Cut Pencils to Length.

I simply used a utility knife to cut the pencils to size. I marked a line on my bench as to the desired length and laid the pencil against it. Rolling the pencil back and forth with the blade applied scored the pencil enough that it was easy to snap off cleanly.

Step 5: Install and Assemble.

Place the shorty pencils in the holes. I added a dab of hot glue on the back for extra security. Fill the board. Find a suitably sized smooth backing for your paper, and tape together. Assemble as shown.

Step 6: The Results.

As with any drawing machine, the parameters defined will be expressly displayed in the product. As you can see here, square box equals square markings. Viva Crappy Art!

Next: Pocket Drawings!



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    36 Discussions

    Interesting I will be sure to use this with American postal service, Ups ,and Fed-Ex

    Also if you use lots of circular discs with multiple pencils you could get eally interesting results.

    Also i did this with my left arm because I broke my right.

    If you used a hexagonal, pentagonal, or oblong piece of wood instead of a suqre one you could get more interesting results, possible with some arcs or something as a result.


    and your right, it is fun to misuse tools (till' you kill yourself)

    try cutting a circle with a diameter of like 7in or something. That might work better. But I like the squares.

    this gave me a brilliant idea! thank you!!

    the final project, IMHO, is suitable for framing on the wall. my $.02

    Do you send this to someone you know and ask them to send them back or do you send it without postage and just get it returned.

    Im working on a project like this with a heart-shaped fence inside and a much smaller stylus for v-day. I hope that my stylus will be heavy enough– i used two layers of foam board studded with pencils (of course) and quarters! thanks with the inspiration! guess the project was memorable enough to bring me back almost six months later!

    3 replies

    Sweet, man! I just scored a solo show which will feature all my drawing bits. Please let me know how your effort turns out. Let's see a pic! I sent a missive to Sweden today for inclusion in a show! Don't dismiss the power of the lazy drawings!

    BAD ASS! Endless possibilities! Next, ship identical packages from the same starting location to the same ending location using different carriers, USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc. BRILLIANT!

    2 replies

    Cool idea, but the postage would be extortionate! and DHL would lose it as they always do with my parcels. And the rest will hang around outside until i go somewhere, and then they will move in, and put a 'sorry we missed you' letter through my door!

    if I were doing it, and I probably will, I would do the same thing with the addition of a super ball or 2 with pencils glued into holes in the ball, so that in addition to the fixed pencils moving the super ball(s) would move between them connecting the squares in interesting ways, maybe several different balls with different colors.