Reverse Car Parking System

Introduction: Reverse Car Parking System

Parking sensors use a type of sonar. The term sonar is an acronym for sound navigation and radar; it's used for calculating the distance and/or direction of an object from the time it takes for a sound wave to travel to the target and back.

An ultrasonic sensor is a speaker or microphone that emits or receives ultrasound. There is also a type that can handle both emission and reception. Vehicle parking sensors are equipped with this type of sensor.

Ultrasound sensors initially found use in vehicles for detecting obstacles when parking but it is now evolving into an automatic parking system.

Step 1: Parts

You will need the following Parts to Built Reverse Parking System:-

1. Arduino Board

2. Ultrasound distance Sensor.

3. LED Module / Buzzer Module.

4. SIRC Remote control

5. IR Receiver Module

You can Buy this Parts from HERE !

Step 2: Connections

Connect the Pins as follows:-

Pin Echo (Ultrasound) to Pin 4 of Arduino Board

Pin trig (Ultrasound) to Pin 5 of Arduino Board

Connect the Signal / Enable pin of LED Module to Pin 6 of An Arduino Board.

Apart from this Provide +5 volt and Ground to both the Modules from Arduino.

Step 3: Code

This Parking system will show you an Indication by Buzzer or Red Light. Whenever the Car will be at enough distance from the wall it will indicate you.Here I have used RGB LED Module with the LED's Red terminal Connect to the Digital Pin 6.

Here I have Attached the Code for it.

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