Reversible Conspiracy Theory/Concept Board for Your War Room




About: As you can probably infer from my somewhat eclectic list of interests, I'm a bit of an aspiring polymath. I've been lurking around here for over four years and decided to start contributing.

Need an old-school way to track information or see the big picture and minute details of a complex problem? Want your friends to think of you as some kind of eccentric mastermind (or scare them off)? Need to conceal a storage area, yet retain usefulness? Really paranoid and/or have some free time on your hands? Let's continue:

I don't know about anyone else, but I've always been intrigued with the detailed information boards portrayed in TV and movies--ranging from conspiracy theories to battlefield strategy sessions to elaborate mathematical equations to crime scene analysis. Not only are information boards cool looking--they're incredibly useful enough to showcase various projects such as Grad school work or on-going genealogy research, in addition to the aforementioned portrayals.    


Circular saw or jigsaw
Drill & various bits
Tape measure

Materials & Consumables

Cork board *
Peg board *
Peg board hardware (hooks, etc for hanging cables)
Velcro (an 8 foot roll should suffice)
Bolts *  (no particular kind but smaller is better. I used the shortest kind I could find and they still protrude somewhat)
Annual calender 
Plexiglass or dry erase board *
Thumbtacks (thin profile work best)
1 x 4 *  (this ensures a slimmer profile and less weight when applied as a bracing than a 2 x 4)
At least 4 sheet protectors
Post it notes
Red and black Sharpies
Dry erase markers of preferred colors

* Varies depending on your space requirements


Battery powered LED light and bungee cords
Paint color of choice
Shipping tape
Graph paper

Lessons learned, Hints, and Potential Upgrades

I think it would have worked much better if I had incorporated hidden hinges and split the plywood into two distinct sections as I had initially designed for. Unfortunately this closet is too close to my front door to facilitate a full arc swing and ability to secure the hinges on the left side. Other upgrades would include using pistons to open the doors via the triggering of a simple switch, X10 automation, smart phone app, or an oldie-but-goodie--Batman inspired moving of a book; automatic rotation of the cork boards; and a capture/upload/ self destruct mechanism. 

When applying velcro, be logical about how the hook side or neutral side are placed in order to ensure quick tear down and set up.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I can't tell you how happy this makes me! AND, I now have a project for Christmas break. [I can feel a genealogy binge happening as we speak... and maybe some Calculating as well :). Thanks so very much!!!!