Reversible Counter for Winding

This software help for numbering the coil windings using an old, unused mouse.

Mouse wheel should be attach to the shaft with flexible spring.

Step 1: Software Source

This is source program. It can be used with Processing (Java 8) See !
Before else, is required to mark one point on the mouse wheel, then numbered the steps for one complete turn of the wheel. For this application is 24 steps / turn. For different number is a simple modification of source write in Processing JAVA 8.

Step 2: Flexible Coupling Spring

Flexible coupling spring is used to transmit rotation from the machine shaft, to the mouse wheel.

For doing this spring you need a manual drilling machine, a 2.5 welding rid rod and steel wire 0.3-0.5 mm thick, 3 meters long more or less. Put the rod in the mandrel. Welding rod is used as support for winding spring.

Step 3: Gear Box 3 Shafts

For reducing winding time is used two speeds x1 and x2. When the coil it has more than 1000 turns is used x2 speed.
A good machine, that can be used, can be with one shaft x1 .

Thanks for watching.



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