Reversible Duct Tape Bracelet

Introduction: Reversible Duct Tape Bracelet

Step 1: Materials

1- 2 colors of Duct tape 2- Scissors

Step 2: Layer 1

Take a length of Duct tape for the temporary inner layer that is the approximate length (a little bit larger) of your wrist and cut it off and lay it out sticky side up.

Step 3: Layer 2

Take the same amount of tape in the other color and lay it on top with a little room for layer 1 to stick to itself later. It is ok if it isn't even we will fix that.

Step 4: Shaping Up

Now cut the end with the least sticky off and cut the width to the way you want it.

Step 5: Connecting

Now just connect layer 1 around in a circle back to itself.

Step 6: Securing

Pick one of the colors (either) and wrap it around twice to secure on the connection point and if you want you can take a strip of the color that has a stripe of the other color.

Step 7: Decorating

You have many options with this step, you may desire a bow, stripes, dots, a flower or even decorate it as a watch! I hope you liked! Thanks for viewing!

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