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My wife wanted to create a jewellery that can have multiple use. So she thought of some thing that can be reused just by flipping and using. She made these jeweleries using quilling papers. The necklace is reversible, but the ear rings are just as they are. Follow the steps to create one of your own like this. Don't ask for any drawings as she told me that, she got the idea in her dreams.

Tools Used:
Quilling comb
Quilling pin
Patience (most required if you have a 2 year old sabotaging around the house)

Lots of quilling papers

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Step 1: Making the Base

Take some quilling papers and wrap around the quilling comb. Size does not matter as long as they are the same size. Make at least 3 overlaps. Make lots of them.

Step 2: Overlaying

Now start weaving another color of quilling paper on the rings you have made in the previous steps. Make a tight weave, but not too tight so as to warp the paper. Glue them in place when looks satisfactory.

Step 3: Make Many of Them

She made a larger one for the center piece, and many smaller ones for the side shows.

Step 4: Final Touches and Assembly

She also made many tear drops from the quilling papers to adorn one side. And many fan shapes to adorn the other side.
The ear rings are easy! Just twists of different color papers and adorned by teardrops.

For the assembly, she used nylon fishing line and threaded all this up. Using basic beads as spacers.

Now you have 2 different jeweleries without the hassle of storing both of them! To use them, just flip it over and you have a different design. Or may be rotate alternate units to get a totally different design.

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    This is really quite a unique piece of jewellery! With a little polish, if could really be quite outstanding. I can see some antique silver going into it and turning it into a nice collar-chain necklace actually. Perhaps you should explore more into this design and see what other similar pieces you can come up with!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is an interesting craft! I might give it a try! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Sunshiine! Surely it is interesting craft. You can take it to the limit of your imagination!

    They are "Quilling comb fan". I don't have pics of them right now. But you can get some idea of how they are made from here: