Revised Sweat Pants/ Sew Useful




Introduction: Revised Sweat Pants/ Sew Useful

Revised Sweat pants. To me that is what I cam e up with. Great idea to reuse and recyle.

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Step 1: Gathering

Step one: Gather the things you are gunna need! I used about 30-35 different pairs of sweat pants. they can have wholes it doesn't matter. You will cut around them. You will also need the sewing machine, and thread.

Step 2: Cutting

I cut everything in 6 1/2 suqares. Easy, there is a template at the local quilting store!

Step 3: Sewing

Now sew everything together. I just did a random pattern. No thought into it. Just had everythingin a pile and went form there. This will make a "top" for the quilt. While sewing remember thatyou will have to have two sides. Make a sandwich!

Step 4: LAST

Last put you "top" and "bottom" together. Make sure you leave the seams out. Well, that is what I wanted. I then sewed around the edges. There was no further quilting. I just made a big sanwich like stated before. And there you have it. A nice and warm, HEAVY quilt that you made. Recyle and reuse!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    awesome, I am going to have to give this one a try. thanks,


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! Have you seen my instructable for making a massive blanket? It's kind of simmilar.