Revised Paracord Lanyard




Introduction: Revised Paracord Lanyard

Here is an improved version of my previous lanyard, a combination of knitting and cobra weave. Instead of using a triple knit, I used a double weave which created a much more slender lanyard.

Here is the answers to the make to learn youth contest:
1) I made a paracord lanyard using knots, weaves and knits. I used paracord because it is strong enough to hold 550 pounds and can be dismantled into smaller cords of equal length and lesser strength and used when necessary and I chose the tools because they were around the house and most practical for the task at hand.

2) I got this idea from this very website in the form of a instructable with a picture of a similar styled lanyard but contained no instructions, so i investigated it further. I found videos on you tube and Google searches that helped explain the knit. As I made the lanyards I noticed a difference in the suppliers of paracord, such as the burning rates and adhesive properties of the molten cord, as well as the strength of the melted fuses and texture of the cord.

3) I made my lanyards at home first for a hobby then for business, I am able to sell to my friends, classmates, fellow athletes, teachers and church goers.

4) The biggest hurtle was getting the different types of paracord to fuse. I was most proud of the system of sales i developed while marketing them, and I continue to make and sell these lanyards.

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Step 1: What You Need:

-a 32mm key ring
-a lighter
-paracord (roughly +- 16feet for knit and +-5 for weave)
- an at least 2 pronged circular object, the little supports in pizza boxes work great.

Step 2: Starting the Knit.

Step 3: Finishing the Knit.

Step 4: Melding and Finish Knotting the Knit

Step 5: The Cobra Weave and Finishing It Off

Step 6: Finished Project

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