Introduction: Revive DRAGON

Chinese astrological calendar of 2012 is Dragon.

Body of the dragon is made of Japanese Islands.

A flower blooms around a stricken area, and flowers open in Japan.

So I expressed my desire of the revival of Japan!

Step 1: Design

I designed it in a freehand drawing first.

My cooperator said, "Because it is ordinary, it is no use".
Therefore I drew it several times again.

Step 2: Make Data

I made a fair copy with black and white of a finished design.

The cooperator scanned it, and made data. 

Step 3: Prototype

produced it experimentally with CraftROBO.
Because I used the thin material, there was the failure.

Step 4: Mass Production

I made many New Year's cards.

I paste parts which I cut.
55 pieces are necessary. So endless!

Step 5: Finished Goods

Thank you for helping me.
Thanks to you, I came to like manufacturing more and more.

Step 6: Extra

I made even a laser cutting machine in memory.

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