Revolving Photo Frame Night Lamp

Introduction: Revolving Photo Frame Night Lamp

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hi everyone today i will show you how to make revolving photo frame night lamp which is very attractive and it is built in very cheap budget.

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Step 1: Things You Will Needed to Make This Project Are:-

1.cardboard box

2.colored tape

3.three high bright leds [each 5 Watts] 12v 1A adapter for power source set of pin showed in first and second image

6.three glass piece

7.connecting wires

8.super glue

9.three photos which is appropriate to your glass piece size

Step 2: Assembling All Together

as per the image you have to prepare the bottom stand with the cardboard box which is covered with colored tape which has from top outlet for the pin to come out from it which get connected to the upper casing which is the triangle shaped glass which contain three photo[each side and each glass one so total three glass and three photo]and three high bright [5 watt each] leds.

connect the positive wire of adapter to the positive wire of the led via pin and negative wire of adapter to the negative wire of led via pin.

as per the night lamp the led glow up and in between the led and glass photo is there so the effect of photo frame can be also seen in the night lamp.

The most important thing in this project is do not apply glue or stick the joint of the pins otherwise it will be not revolving.

Step 3: Testing It:-

at last after assembling all the things the final photo frame night lamp will look like anything which is very attractive in night as well as in day by it photo frame feature.

hope you enjoyed my instructable and thanks for watching my instructable.

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