Revolving Revolver Pen Holder

Introduction: Revolving Revolver Pen Holder

Research suggests having more than 6 pens/pencils on your desk exponentially decreases productivity and efficiency. To assist, I present you with the 3D printed revolving revolver pen holder.

This is the perfect gift everyone, particularly yourself!

The project is suitable for anyone, very easy with a great end product.

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Step 1: What You Need

What you will need:

  • A creative side
  • Access to a 3D Printed
    • Remember! 3D Hubs provides people with a 3D printing service with incredibly reasonable prices!
  • 1 x 608zz bearing
  • Paint, if you wish to paint it

Step 2: 3D Printed Parts

There are 2 parts to be 3D printed. The STL files are attached to the Instructable.

These files have been designed for the 608 bearing, so scaling would result in needing a new bearing, if you're willing to take the challenge, share your results!

It's designed for a light press fit, if you find its a bit to tight, sand down the inside of the base. If you find it's loose, use some glue or packing.

Step 3: Press Bearing

I decided to press the bearing into the pen holder component. Then press the assembled component onto the base. This worked quite well with both an ABS and PLA print. The PLA print was marginally more loose which I fixed using some glue.

Step 4: Paint/Decorate

Using a car spray filler, I covered the pen holder till it was smooth, smoothing between coats with sand paper.

Once I was happy, I used a chrome paint to give it the shiny effect. I originally intended on painting it black, then applying a chrome and rubbing it back to give the ages effect which could also look very cool!

Please share any modifications or makes, always keen to see what happens!

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