Rewire Speakers in 2000 Ford Windstar

Due to the double sliding doors for rear seating, there is no easy way to replace the speakers in the 2000 Ford Windstar I drive. I shimmied up a small speaker box for the trunk and wired them through all that plastic molding. There is not really any good wiring diagram for the head unit thus I have made this instructable on how to wire those back speakers.


To check if this is yours pull it out and check the back.

(update: the sliding doors are held into place by only one screw, the rest just pops off... wish i knew this before i started. the speakers will go well into the 97 grand am i will be getting soon, though)

Step 1: Removing Head Unit

To remove this head unit you're going to need some DIM tools. I made the mistake of pushing them in too far and spent an hour trying to do this. You just barely push them in untill the springs click. Than spread the tools apart a bit and pull the unit out. Pull out the plugs in it, they have little notches on the bottoms, and set this aside.

Step 2: Cutting Wires

Rear Speakers:

left- brown/yellow(negative) and grey/blue(positive)
right- black/purple(negative) and orange/red(positive)

If you choose to rewire the front speakers these are the wires:

left- light blue/white(negative) and orange/green(positive)
right- green/orange(negative) and white/light green

The first color is the wire color and the second color is the color of the stripe on the wire. Cut these and connect the wire to the speakers to it.

Step 3: Plug N Play

Plug everything back in, and don't forget the antenna! Turn the car on and listen to your new speakers. If it doesn't work you may want to pop it back out and check your connections. If it still doesn't work look to make sure you have the same radio because I think the ones with a disc changer has different connections. If everything works blast the music and piss your neighbors off. My speakers have blue LED's in them so i wired those up too. Let me know what you guys think, this is my first instructable.



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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

     I'm really not sure. That is my families van and when I got my own car I got new speakers. Those speakers are still in the van. They are DUAL but cheap ones from Wally World for like 30 bucks. I now have Pioneer Premier speakers in my Grand Am.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    What i did was bought new panels for the back of my car from eBay, cut holes in them (they were ugly but the same size) put the speakers in, and when i get them stolen or (i already built nice boxes) i put the good ones back, (my car didn't come with rear speakers).


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    kinda... under all those plastic pop out things that u step on when u get in and out of the car. i'll post a pic cause i really dont kno what they're called


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Would it have been more difficult to tap into the wires that run back to the original speakers? (knowing what auto wiring looms can be like...) L


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Well the wires that go to the back speakers go into the rear sliding doors. So unless you want them in those doors it would be inefficient to do so. My speakers are in the trunk, so I just rewired them. The rewiring only took about an hour, with all rear seats out. And you wouldn't believe this wiring loom, I had to go to a few different web sites and try all those before I could get the right wires. I couldn't find the right info that I have in step 2 anywhere on the internet.