Rhino Speaker

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Hi, I recently built a CNC Router and currently testing out on different materials and with different shapes. So I got an idea of creating a speaker box mounted on Rhino's back. I used 8mm MDF for the entire build. So here is my build log for Rhino Speaker.

Step 1: Create Speaker Box

I first designed the front of the speaker box on Inkscape and then imported the file to Easel to generate gcode. You can get gcode from my Easel Post here, then I cut the front using my home made cnc router. I used hacksaw to cut sides and the back panel of the box.

Step 2: Create Rhino Stand

Now I took a image of rhino from the internet and modified it to my requirement, imported it to Easel Project and cut 2 copies of rhino stands. You can get a copy of rhino stand here.

Step 3: Electronics

I used PAM8403 Amplifier Module to enhance audio input and output. If you want to buy one here is the link.

Step 4: Finishing and Colour

For now the structure is completed and now I am planing out some nice colour. Your suggestions are highly appreciated on colour or any other design ideas for the exterior.



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