Rhyming Word Collage

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Intro: Rhyming Word Collage

Looking for something to do with all those weekly ads?  How about use it for an educational themed collage.  This ible will show you how to make a Rhyming Word Collage with all those weekly ads lying around.

Weekly Ads
Card Stock (small pieces will suffice)
Pen / Crayon / Marker / Pencil
Scrap Paper

Through this project:
  • Students will be able to cut small images
  • Students will be able to write the names of objects
  • Students will be able to choose rhyming pairs
  • Students will be able to Glue a collage of rhyming pairs

Step 1: Look and Write

Look through the weekly ads and write down the names of things that you see.  I only ended up needing to look through 3 ads to get enough words for my collage. 

Step 2: Find Rhymes

Once I had a decent sized list I looked for words that rhymed and circled them.  Then I went back to the advertisements and found those pictures.  I ended up with hair / chair / bear.  I wanted to add at least one more picture so I thought of wear and found a picture of a girl wearing an outfit.

Step 3: Cut and Glue

Cut and Glue the rhymes out and onto the card stock like a collage.

Step 4: Label

On the back of the card I wrote the title "Rhymes with Tear," choosing a word that wasn't on the list on purpose.  Then I wrote in the words that I found.



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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I have about a million magazines and forgot all about collaging with my students. This will be particularly useful and fun for teaching English as a Second Language.
    Thank you.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I like it! I hated making collages with my class, but the kids sure love doing them. They liked cutting things out; I disliked having a mountain of destroyed magazines and fluttery bits of glossy paper all over my floor. Fun fact: collages are great for getting kids to organize and describe phenomena. They can even be done with older students to describe characters in literature, and a couple of issues of Sports Illustrated will yield an amazing set of Homeric collages.

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! The good thing for me (for now) is that I home school so the extra paper bits are all over the students floors instead of my classroom floor. I thought this collage was great for the student I will be doing it with because it allows him to consider the sounds of the rhymes rather then how to spell the words. I also like the idea of using it as literary responses, I will keep that as a note in the back of my head.