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This is somehow another version of my egg-shaker but intended to be used when no pick is needed or wanted, like on ukulele or fingerstyle guitar; and of course any percussion instrument like cajon, congas, etc.

Step 1: Materials

- Kinder egg (only the plastic, leave the chocolat an the toy for the child all have inside)
- Beach sand (if you don´t live close to a beach, this can be a good excuse for a excursion)
- Streching nylon or any elastic (mine was bought in Cambridge, UK and is from www.pepperell.com)

Only one scissor will be enough to make all this.

Step 2: Make Holes

With the point of the scissors we make one hole each extreme of the plastic egg.

Take taker not to make a big hole, it just have to be enough to pass the wire or string.

Step 3: Put De String

Measure your wrist and but the nylon to lenght, taking into account that you need a little bit to make the knot and we don´t want to leave it too short that it cuts your blood flow.

Pass both ends and tye a knot that will be inside the egg (thus hidden forever)

Step 4: Fill With Sand

Fill one of the halved with sand, preferable stone sand and close it.

The quantity and grain size must be chosen by trail and error, looking for what suits your style and that can be controllable. The main problem is to make it controllable since too much sand can cause a short sound, and too little can make it sound too late.

Practice with the instrument and play with the quantity of sand.

Enjoy !



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I like this idea, as I don't play with a pick. I'll definitely try it (I like rice in the shaker so I'll use that)).
    Thanks for the idea :)

    2 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    We don't live near the beach, but our sand in Australia is usually quite fine so it's nice to walk on but it would be too soft to make a noise. Your sand sounds as if it would be very good for a shaker!