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Introduction: Ribbon Cable Tie

About: Im a Student at RPI in Troy NY. The best part of college is most definatley 'Spelunking' or dumpster diving for parts in the elctrical engineering dumpster.

I happened to spill ketchup on my blueish tie. It was very unfortunate as it is career hunting time.

I'm not a very trendy fashion friendly person, im an engineering student. however, a few days ago, i realized that the ribbon cable that had been sitting in a cabinet would be a perfect material for a new rather nerdy tie. With a few scissor cuts and some folds, you can have your self a very washable, hard to stain, ATA133 compatible tie. its also great for mcguyver situations, when you need wire, but you've only got plastic paperclips.

Because its ribbon cable, it can be forced to remain straight, and at a glance it looks fine pressed. also, mouser, digikey, and newegg even have it as a replacement part. even in 100' spools.

Step 1: Getting the Materials

Most ribbon cables are bland and gray. Attempt to find more exciting colored ones. look for late 70's to mid 80's era hardware, for some reason they all have pleasant looking cables. your looking for something approximately 2.5 inches wide, or 44 -pin 24 gauge wire. you might already have some from that computer you saved from the trash.

even if youve got a bland and grey one, it might say 'MASTER' on it somewhere. that would look pretty cool too.

Step 2: Cut the Cables

cut a 4.5 to 5 foot segment of the ribbon cable. This is a suitable length for a 5'10 economy-size male. If your going with the skinny tie thing ala franz ferdinand, you could probably get away with removing .75 inches from one side of the ribbon cable and calling it a day. The image below shows the tie folded in half.

Chances are if you already have a tie, just copy the dimensions.

Thats what i did.

Step 3: Tie the Tie

or have someone else do it for you, as shown in the following instructable


Step 4: Finished Product

See some action shots of the ribbon tie. I wore it at CSAW 08 at NY poly's embedded systems challenge. Unfortunately no one really noticed at comp, however the folks at NYC resistor picked up on it right away.

the last shot is my Calvin Klein modeling skills.
yeah im gonna stick to electrical power engineering

Bre Pettis Was nice enough to upload some images of the instructable in action at NYC Resistor

Flickr Photos by Bre Pettis

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    that's awesome! It looks so cool :) I found a big roll of the rainbow-colored cable at my work 2 weeks ago, but I'm thinking I'll try to make a belt out if it, since I don't wear ties... Haven't had the time yet, but if I figure out how I'll definitely post it on instructables! Really cool to see your example though, it looks good on you :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    hey when you figure out how to make the belt post me a link please id quite like one


    11 years ago on Introduction

    That is indeed the ULTIMATE Geek dress up accessory! wow, I think it even beats the "microchip earrings" :)