Ribbon Cable Wrist Bracelet




Introduction: Ribbon Cable Wrist Bracelet

Use a small ribbon cable to make a nerdy, but stylish wrist band/bracelet. All you need is a small (in length) ribbon cable, ideally around 8 to 10 lanes, a pair of pliers and something to snip plastic and thin metal (I used a pair of wire cutters). Obviously when I say small in length, I mean the sort of length that is ideal for your wrist circumference.

You can find the sort of cable you need in old computers. They are normally at the back of the metal PC casing, and you need to unscrew it from this.

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Step 1: Dismantle the Plastic Cased End

Use a pair of pliers to take out the screw-type objects that connect the plastic housing to the metal part. You cannot unscrew them because they are not screws- they are like bolts, with annother thread inside. They are for when you have annother component to attach into it, with the little screw thingys on the wings of the casing, like for a monitor cable.

After unscrewing the plastic casing, snip it open and get it off the wire( you cannot slide it off as both ends have parts attached that are larger than the gap in the plastic casing). Discard the plastic.

Step 2: Take the Metal Casing Off

Use pliers to remove the metal part around the head. You will have to be quite forceful, as the plates with together well and seem to be welded. They are not, they are simple stuck together from when the metal bends when the holes are punched through. Do not worry about damaging the pins, as you will bend them anyway.

Step 3: Remove One Row of Pins

You will find that the pins will not stick into the black female end of the cable, as they do not line up. By removing one row of pins, the pins can wit snugly into the black piece.

Now you can enjoy your new bracelet!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    better pics plz...oher than that very creative


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Sorry about the bad pics, but no can do- i have given the bracelet to a friend because she liked it so much! I think next time i will be less lazy and use my DSLR, not my webcam. And by the way did you manage to make it? were the instructions clear? I have plans for a belt....