Ribbon Christmas Tree

Introduction: Ribbon Christmas Tree

This is the perfect gift to give to someone during the holidays! Very simple to make and the result is great!

Step 1: Supplies You'll Need

Supplies you'll need:

A Styrofoam Cone
A topper 
Head Pins

Step 2: Cutting Your Ribbons

The first step is cutting your ribbons. Remember that since you are folding your strips in half they will only be half the size you cut them. I cut mine into 2 inch strips so each ended up being 1 inch. I recommend using at least 2 different kinds of ribbon. I used 5. 3 were green and 2 were pink.

NOTE: I used a lot more strips of ribbons then shown in photo 1

Step 3: Pinning on Your First Layer

Now you will take a strip of ribbon and pin it on with the head pins. Continue this process until you go completely around the cone.

Step 4: What to Do After Your First Layer

After you are finished with the first layer, Cover the pins from the first layer with the ribbons on the second layer as seen in the photos. Continue this process up the entire cone. 

Step 5: Pinning the Last Layer

Since you aren't putting more ribbons over these ones to cover the head pins you just have to try to make them not as noticeable. Put less on that will still hold the ribbons in place but not as noticeable.

Step 6: Putting on Your Topper

Just simply push your topper through your cone at the top as shown in the pictures.

Step 7: Finished!

You can now enjoy your ribbon tree! It would make a great gift or you can keep it for yourself!

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