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Introduction: Ribbon Dispenser

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If your craft corner is a cluttered mess, it's time to fix it. Maybe you´ll rather craft than organize your crafting supplies, but think about it, if you keep them neat and tidy, you´ll be able to find what you need faster, and spend more time crafting than looking for that perfect ribbon you need.

Ribbons are particularly tricky, if one of them unfolds and tangles up, everything in that drawer or box will be a mess. This is the perfect solution to have all of them organized and ready for the action.

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • Plastic box with holes
  • Wooden stick or skewer
  • Craft knife
  • Two elastic bands
  • Ribbons

Step 2: Insert Stick

To keep the stick in its place, tie the rubber band at one edge.

Insert the stick at the center of one of the small sides of the box, the rubber band should be outside the box.

Step 3: Insert Ribbons

Put the ribbons through the stick, even if they are different sizes they´ll fit perfectly together.

Step 4: Secure the Other End

Tie another elastic band at other side of the stick. And because we are not using glue, you´ll be able to replace the ribbons easily when needed.

If the stick is too long for the box cut it carefully with the knife.

Step 5: Pull the Ends Through the Holes

And if you have a thick ribbon, you can use the craft knife to increase the hole size.

That's it! Your ribbons are ready, now, what craft will we make today?

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