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Introduction: Ribbon Hair Clip Holder

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I LOVE cute hair accessories! Since I have short hair (too short for a pony tail), clips and cute bobby pins are pretty much a daily thing for me. I found myself frequently scrambling to find the matching clip or another pin in the mornings, so here is an easy way to keep them all together!

Even with a false start (tangled my thread on the first try) and taking all the pictures, this project only took me ~30 minutes.

Step 1: Materials

If you do any sewing or other crafting, you very likely have everything you need already on hand!

You will need:
A length of ribbon or other trim material, approximately 1 inch wide
Needle and thread in a complimentary color
Closure of some sort (I used a 2 piece snap, other options would be hook and loop or a button and a button hole, or if you had self-stick velcro you could use that and skip the needle and thread)
A towel rod or other horizontal bar with some spare space on it for hanging your finished product

Wax for your thread
An embellishment for the front of your finished piece (a small pin, a cute botton, a flower ... whatever makes you happy)

Step 2: Sew on Your First Closure Piece

Take a look at your ribbon. Is it the same on both sides, or is there a "right" and "wrong" side to it? Decide which side you want showing, and be sure to sew your snaps (or other closure piece(s)) on the OTHER side. If you have the quilter's wax, after you thread your needle pull the thread over the wax 1 or 2 times. This will help strengthen the thread (prevent breaking) and lubricate it (make it easier to pull and it won't knot up as much).

Keep in mind that your stitches will be showing on the outside. Be particularly careful to get all your thread pulled through evenly, and tie off as neatly as you can. Obviously the importance of this will vary with your chosen closure method and whether or not you choose to use an embellishment on the front!

If your ribbon has a pattern, or is lace like mine, you may need to trim a bit off the end to get the starting point you want; if your ribbon is solid, or you don't have a preference on where in the pattern you start, you can totally skip this part!

In my case, I knew I needed to sew through the large flowers to properly anchor my snaps, so I trimmed to a small flower.

Step 3: Measure and Sew Your Second Closure Piece

Now, go to your towel rod or other rod you will be hanging the ribbon from, and measure how much length you need to get around it comfortably. If you are good with numbers you can certainly just use a fabric tape measure.

If you are working with matching points on a pattern or solid places in lace to sew through, make sure you take that into account when determining your position for the second closure piece.

Now you can go and sew on the second piece of your closure, the same as you did the first. This is the crucial one for neatness on the back side/tying off - if you don't use some sort of embellishment it will show.

Test your closure to make sure it snaps (or hooks or buttons etc) to your satisfaction.

Step 4: Measure the Final Length and Add Embellishment

Now, take your ribbon back to the towel rod you are going to hang it on and decide just how long you want it. Trim at that point.

I opted to trim in a V shape in the middle of a large flower so that the end wouldn't be stringy. You may want to measure a small bit extra and give it a seam at the bottom if you are worried it will unravel.

Now you can decide if you like the front the way it is, or if you feel it needs some embellishment over the stitching. I happened to have a small pin that I thought was cute, so I used it. You could also consider sewing on a "for show" button, or hot gluing say a flower or some rhinestones.

Step 5: Fill and Finish

Now that you have the ribbon the right length and embellished the way you want it, fill it up! Any sort of clip or bobby pin style hair accessory should slide (or clip) right on with no problem.

Here is mine filled and with the towel on the rod ... I also store long hair ribbons by looping them on the rod :)

Hope this helps you organize your hair doodads!

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    Kawthar Xoubi

    neat! you have no idea how this simple ribbon you create would solve my veryday problem! will do one and share the pic with you =))


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! I know it has made a HUGE difference for me, since I can see what I have quickly.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with :)