Ribbon Jewellery



Introduction: Ribbon Jewellery

It is a pair of EAR RINGS, made from satin ribbons .

Step 1: Material.

Materials required for the Ear Ring : Satin Ribbons,ear ring hooks , threads, needles, a pair of scissors, measuring scale. lighter,

Step 2: Cutting.

First, I cut three different coloured 1 inch width ribbons in three different sizes as mentioned on the picture.

Step 3: Sealing

Seal the both ends of each ribbon with the flame of a lighter.

Step 4: Folding & Stitching

fold and stitch each ribbon as directed in pictures.

Step 5: Assembling.

assemble them accordingly pictures shown.

Step 6: Attaching Ear Ring Hook.

stitch the ear ring hook at the end as shown in the picture. Ear ring is ready.

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