Rice Krispies Sculpting: Day of the Dead Virgin Mary Bust




This yummy piece is sculpted from Rice Krispies treats. It is coated in white chocolate, and the details are made from gum paste. It is finished off with black icing color and cheesecloth.

Step 1: Pour Rice Krispies Cereal Into a Large Mixing Bowl

Step 2: Mix in Melted Marshmallows and Butter

Step 3: Put Mixture Into a Small Clay Pot

Step 4: Poke 3 Lollipop Sticks Into the Rice Krispies (Make a Triangular Shape)

Step 5: Form a Tube Shape With the Rice Krispies

Step 6: Stick in Two More Lollipop Sticks (Set the Sticks at Least a 1/2 in Apart)

Step 7: Form an Ellipsoid and a Wedge Shape With the Treats

Step 8: Wrap the Treats in Plastic Wrap and Set in the Fridge

Step 9: Attach the Wedge to the Ellipsoid With a Lollipop Stick

Step 10: Use a Second Stick to Prop the Shapes on a Foam Block (Wrap the Block in Plastic Wrap)

Step 11: Add More Rice Krispies Treats to Form a Skull Shape

Step 12: Wrap the Skull in Plastic Wrap to Help With Sculpting (Add More Rice Krispies As Needed)

Step 13: Allow the Skull to Set in the Fridge, Then Coat the Skull With Melted White Chocolate

Step 14: Allow the Chocolate to Harden in the Fridge, Then Add Detail to the Skull With Gum Paste

Step 15: Allow the Skull to Set in the Fridge, Then Paint Details Onto the Skull With Black Icing Color (set the Skull in the Fridge When Done)

Step 16: Use Rice Krispies Treats to Form the Bust

Step 17: Wrap the Treats in Plastic Wrap to Help With Sculpting, Then Place the Bust in the Fridge to Set the Shape

Step 18: Coat the Bust in Melted White Chocolate, Then Allow the Bust to Set in the Fridge

Step 19: Use Gum Past to Add Details to the Bust

Step 20: Carefully Place the Skull Onto the Bust

Step 21: Gather Cheesecloth and Wrap Around the Bust

Step 22: Fold a Sheet of Cheesecloth in Half and Use As a Veil for the Bust

Step 23: Et Voilà!



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    10 Discussions


    3 years ago

    You are super talented to work with such difficult materials

    1 reply
    Uncle Kudzu

    3 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, that's too cool! Gives new meaning to "sugar skull."

    Have you tried any other binders with the Rice Krispies - not necessarily edible? The cereal might make for an inexpensive sculpting base for things like papier mache, or a molding material.

    1 reply
    JeSuisUncle Kudzu

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! ? Haven't given much thought to that. Sounds like a good experiment to try.


    3 years ago

    You are a wonderful artist! Loved this project. Just wanted to know wat texture does to finished project have? Is it kind of softish or gets stone hard.

    1 reply