Rice Krispies Sculpting: Unicorn Tutorial




How to create a unicorn using Rice Krispies Treats

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Step 1: Pour Rice Krispies Into a Large Mixing Bowl

Step 2: Mix in Melted Marshmallows and Coconut Oil

Step 3: Place the Mixture Into a Small Clay Pot

Step 4: Poke in 3 Lollipop Sticks to Form a Triangle

Step 5: Add More of the Mixture to Begin Forming the Neck

Use cling wrap to help form the neck

Step 6: Poke in 2 More Lollipop Sticks

Place the treats in the fridge to set the shape

Step 7: Scoop Some Treats Onto Cling Wrap to Form a Ball

Step 8: Use the Treats to Form the Muzzle of the Unicorn

The muzzle is the jaw, mouth, and nose

Step 9: Use the Treats to Form a Flat-bottomed Teardrop

Allow the shapes to set in the fridge

Step 10: Place the Teardrop Onto the Neck

Step 11: Add Treats to Continue Forming the Neck

Use cling wrap to help form the neck

Add treats as needed

Allow the neck to set in the fridge

Step 12: Poke Sticks at the Top and on Side of the Neck

I used four but ended up taking out two of the sticks

Step 13: Coat With Melted White Chocolate

Set the neck in the fridge to harden the chocolate

Step 14: Add Melted Chocolate to the Base of the Sticks

Step 15: Attach the Ball and the Muzzle

Set in the fridge

Step 16: Coat the Ball and Muzzle With Melted White Chocolate

Allow the chocolate to harden in the fridge

Step 17: Add More Treats to Form the Head

Use cling wrap to help with shaping the figure

Allow the figure to set in the fridge

Step 18: Coat the Figure in Melted White Chocolate

Allow the chocolate to harden in the fridge

Step 19: Use Gum Paste to Add Details to the Figure

Step 20: A Spoon Can Be Used As a Sculpting Tool

Step 21: Use Fondant for the Neck

Step 22: Form the Ears Using Gum Paste

Use lollipop sticks to set the ears in place

Step 23: Poke Lollipop Sticks on the Head and Back of the Neck

I placed some on the side of the neck later on

Step 24: Coat the Clay Pot With Melted White Chocolate

I added a layer of white frosting to smooth it out

Step 25: Place Cotton Candy on the Lollipop Sticks

Step 26: Spray Edible Silver Color Mist Onto a Waffle Cone

Place the dried cone on the unicorn's forehead

Step 27: Et Voilà!

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    14 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Wow! This is amazing! You should have entered it in the edible art contest. You have my vote! :)

    1 reply
    Marishas Couture

    3 years ago

    You are truly an artist. I almost got anxiety when the rice krispy treat started falling. In my head I was like "noooo!!!!!!" lol. But you really did a marvelous job. Well done.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Did I just see this? That is a ton of rice crispies. Like dang. I'm puzzled and impressed at the same time.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    I'm sort of stoned rn but that looks amazing. I'm just imaging what it'd be like to Sink my teeth into it

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    wow looks great lots of work went into making this nice write up on this thanks for sharing

    1 reply