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Introduction: Rice Pudding Premium

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This is a dessert tastes delicious and it's prefered between a few desserts, at least in Mexico.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Five ingredient is what you will need to prepare your delicious Rice Pudding Premium:

1 pound of medium grain rice

1 can of 340 ml of evaporated milk(Carnation)

1 can of 340 ml seweetened condensed milk(La Lechera)

2-3" cinnamon stick

340 ml of whole milk

Step 2: Beginning the Process

Take a pot like that one in the photo

Step 3: Taking the Ingredients

Take 340 g. of rice like that one in the photo.

Step 4: Main Process

Put the 340 g. of rice inside the pot and add 680 ml of water or equivalent to 2 cup than the yellow one and in that moment also add the 2-3" cinnamon stick. About 12 minutes at high fire stove, you will have that consistence showed in the 2 last photo.

Step 5: Adding the Last Ingredients

Once you observe the rice like that one in the previous step, add the 340 ml of whole milk, the can of evaporated milk, and the can of condensed milk and begin getting out the 2-3" cinnamon stick . Remember that you should cook for about 20 minutes to half fire in stove.

Step 6: Completing the Process

After 30 minutes that my stove was turning off., I could taste its delucious flavor and also packed it in containers of 2-pound for obtaining a total of 3-pound of delicious Rice Pudding Premium.

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    Slummo Polymer
    Slummo Polymer

    3 years ago

    ...if you had your own cooking show, I would watch. Awesome Instructable!