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This is a project I did in memory of a dear friend who passed away. They were put at the top of a hill and left to glow all night and were given away as gifts the next morning. I love there lamps they are so easy and fun to make. They are especially great for people who aren't good at drawing/painting, with there the more abstract the better. For a look at this lamp in action go to 

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Step 1: Things You'll Need

List of supplies needed;
-rice paper
-clear tape and duct tape
-wire cutters
-bead caps
-glue gun and glue sticks
-gorrila glue or something that will bond to plastic
-embroidery floss
-thick gauge wire
-dye bottles and dye or paint....
-Led orbs or battery powered string lights
-decorative tape

Step 2: Cut and Form the Wire

Cut six wires 26in long, six wires 8in long, and four 10in long. Straighten wire lengths out and bend the last inch up. Keep lengths separate.

Step 3: Time to Cut the Tape

Tear or cut off eight small peices of tape. Line up the long and the short sides of the wire so that the bent up piece line up and tape in place. It should look like half a rectangle.

Step 4: Makes the Frames for the Panels

Line up and tape the half  together so you have three rectangles.

Step 5: Get Your Rice Paper Ready

Lay out rice paper and and cut with 2in on the top and bottom of the rectangle.

Step 6: Time for Hot Glue!

Fold over edges and hot glue in place.

Note- You can trim the side of the rice paper if you like I left mine long enough so they almost over lap so that a thin strip of brighter rice paper will be down the center for extra depth.

Step 7: My Favorite Part!!!

Mix dye and make abstract pattern of your choice. For this one I did a gentle back and forth shaking motion. If you have paints on hand those work well to but remember rice paper is very absorbent so it will take a lot of paint and a lot of time. Let dry for at least 12hours and handle gentle until dry the rice paper will rip easily.

Step 8: TIme for the Lid

Use the three 10in length to form a triangle and cut rice paper with an inch allowance all around it.

Step 9: Last Part of the Frame

Take the remaining length of wire and align down the center of the triangle, tape in place.

Step 10: Now You Have a Lid

Fold edges over and glue into place. You can paint the lid if you like I left it blank so it will show a solid color thru it.

Step 11: Now It Looks Like a Lamp

Lay panels face down on table and take the duct tape and make on large panel. Flip over and useing your decortive tape repeat the process folding the tape over the top and bottom edges. (The next part is easier with a freind) Cut two peice of tape. Gentle bend the panel into a triangle and tape edges to hold in place. Run a piece of tape down the outside to close up the panels.

Step 12: Finishing Touch

Gentle press the panels together where they are joined with the tape to make sure its on good.

Step 13: Ready the Lights

Add bead caps to the top of the LED orbs with your gorilla glue. If you don't have gorilla glue hot glue will work for short term.

Step 14:

Tie orbs on to string, make sure to knot them so they stay in place hold string next to lamp to make sure you like the placement. Turn them on. If your using string lights just get them untangled and turn them on.

Step 15: Make It Glow!

Tie string securely on the middle wire. Lowe orbs into lamp, you can place the lid lined up or offset. Then turn off the lights, play some music and enjoy!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I really love this and I think you gave good instructions with pictures. I think I could even make one. Thanks for sharing this,my grandkids will love it.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    My daughter would love these. Thanks for sharing your hard work! Have a beautiful day!

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I hope she enjoys them I am going to put one up soon about how to make smaller night light shaped one.