Rich Toast

I like these sweet and tasty fried toasts very much.Hope you like these as well.

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Step 1: You Need

   You will need -
 1) some bread
 2) sugar
 3) oil
These ingredients are always in your kitchen.

Step 2: Sugar Water

Take 1cup water (for 4 pieces) in a narrow pan or whatever you use for boiling water and add 1 1/2Tbsp sugar to it.

Heat it till it boils and the sugar dissolves in water and the mixture becomes slightly thick.

Step 3: Fry Time

Cut the bread slices into two halves before you fry them.
Fry them in any oil you like.
Keep frying till they become golden brown.

Step 4: Sweeten It !

Dip the golden brown bread slices into the sugar mixture we made earlier
And leave them aside for about 15 minutes.

Step 5: EAT

Eat it as you like. you can try experimenting with it like you can try the salty flavor or you can dip it into tomato sauce.

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