Rick and Morty Costume

I've started watching Rick and Morty, and blew through the episodes too fast; I started requesting the graphic novels from the library to tide my need for more Rick Sanchez pearls of wisdom :)

My office has an annual costume contest, so I figured no better time to share my new found love.


  • White grease makeup
  • Green grease makeup
  • White hair spay
  • Scissors
  • Large piece of card board or hard board
  • Piece of 2x2 wood, about 4' long
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Large laminator (optional)
  • Printer (preferably 11x17, but not necessary)

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Step 1: Build a Morty Shield

You can't have a Rick Sanchez without a Morty shield (otherwise your enemies will detect your brain waves).

Short of finding someone shorter than me to dress up as Morty, I made my own out of cardboard.

Find a decent image of Morty to print out. I took a high resolution photo of Rick and Morty, but cropped out Rick. I also used lunapic.com to make the background transparent (save ink when printing, and make trimming easier). You'll want to print the image to a poster size. By using an 11x17 printer, I only need Morty to span three pages of paper. Surprisingly, Microsoft Paint was accommodating in the step (though I did use Visio to test the scale between my actual height, and the combine Rick and Morty image).

Attach the pages of Morty together with cleartape. When done, trim off the excess paper.

I found a suitable piece of card board (a shipping box from a whiteboard). Attach the Morty printout to the card board with clear tape. I roll the tape into a loop, so the paper and cardboard can be pressed together. Now we can cut around the Morty, to trim the carboard to the same shape.

When you're done, apply additional tape over the print out edges to the cardboard so it is adhered better. (I skipped this, and had some separation issues during lamination.

Laminating isn't necessary, but it keeps Morty in better condition. I used a wide format laminator to seal the combine printed Morty and cardboard shape together.

When complete, I used a staple gun (sorry Morty) to attached a 2x2 to the back of the card board. I then stapled a small piece of rope to the 2x2 to act as handle.

Now I can carry Morty around (like a shield) so he is always at my side.

Step 2: Hair

Rick has spiked bluish-gray hair. My hair is already mostly gray :( I used some artistic license and went for full on white, rather than blue-gray. I've skipped a hair cut (or two) so my hair is longer than it usually is. Already have a bald spot in the back? Great :( I didn't think that would ever come in handy.

Wash your hair. While drying, spike sections of it up, and spray with the white hair spray. [Didn't come out right. Couldn't get the spikes to stay, should have used hair gel? And for some reason the white hair spray didn't have the affect I was going for. The green worked really well for St Patrick's Day. Maybe I should have sprung for the bluish anime wig? Or at least printed something to attach to cardboard to wear as a head piece :(

Step 3: Apply the White and Green Makeup

Using the white grease makeup, cover your eyebrows to make them white. Use the white makeup to connect your eyebrows making them a uni-brow.

Apply little dabs of the green grease makeup on your chin below your bottom lip. Why? Cause Rick has a drinking problem and frequently has alien liquor dripping from his mouth.

Step 4: Get Dressed

Rick is not a snappy, coordinated dresser.

Black shoes, with white shocks, brown pants, a teal long sleeve shirt (a t-shirt is fine, I already had a teal dress-shirt), and a white lab coat (preferably knee length). And a brown belt with a gold-ish buckle.

If you're feeling extra crafty, you can make a large buckle with some yellow/gold felt from a craft store. Basically cut a square from the fabric, and than cut slots to feed your belt through.

Step 5: Optional - Portal Gun

You can also add a portal gun and a flask. You can make both of these out of cardboard, like you did with the Morty shield.

I highly suggest you avoid carrying around a real flask.

To avoid issues at my office, I'm not carry a "portal gun" nor a flask. Rules of the work contest include: no weapons or depictions of violence. And our code of conduct manual cover alcohol. Not worth the risk.

Step 6: Finished

You're now ready to go on adventures through the multi-verse or stay home and watch interdimensional cable.

"Wubba Lubba dub dub"

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    Reply 4 weeks ago

    Thank you. It worked out really well when raising an eyebrow.

    It was funny washing the white hair spray out "my hair is still gray!!!" :)