Rick and Morty Portal Gun

Introduction: Rick and Morty Portal Gun

So you want to build a portal gun, well you better be ready to spend one hour and 10 dollars.

Step 1: Materials

Ok, first thing your going to need is a strong desire to build a portal gun.

Apart from that all you'll need is:

One two foot piece of 1/4 inch PVC pipe.

One 1/4 inch PVC angle piece.

One 1/4 inch electrical junction box. (the gray thing encase you don't know what i mean)

One tiny hotel shampoo bottle that will just fit into the one fourth inch junction box holes.

Like the saying goes, portal guns are 99 percent desire to build a portal gun and 50 percent PVC plastic.

Step 2: Cutting Pipe

Insert one end of the two foot PVC pipe into the angle piece.

Hold that in your hand. It will be the handle so find a length that feels comfortable and cut if there.

And if your feeling clever take out the PVC and use the rough end as the end attached to the angle piece.

Step 3: Cutting More PVC

Cut a one-ish inch piece of PVC and put that into the angle piece.

You should have something like this.

Step 4: Putting Stuff Together

Put the handle and shampoo bottle where they look like they go.

Its not hard.

Also you may want to spray paint it white.

Anyway that's all for now I just did this in like 30 minutes.

Ill add more, like lights and stuff later but that may make it a bit more then $10 dollars.

Like the saying goes, a portal gun is 99% wanting to build a portal gun 50% PVC and about another 50% money.

Step 5: Intro to Part Two

OK, I admit at this point not particularly impressive. Be real its 10 dollars worth of PVC.

But now for the optional part two that brings it up to about i don't know 35 dollars. But trust me here its worth it. Like the saying goes a portal gun is 99% desire to make a portal gun 50% PVC and 65% money.

Step 6: The Stuff That Makes It Shiny

OK here we go first you gotta go and buy:

One pack of green led bulbs from radio shack there should be 2 in a pack. I don't know what size they are but there it is in a picture just make sure that the thin part can fit through a 5/16 hole and the fat part cant.

One 100k duel-ganged stereo volume control potentiomiter also from radio shack. Picture above.

And while your at it grab a nob that will fit said potentiomiter.

that is all you will need for this step. that and a 5/16 drill bit.

and other drill bit this one has to be the same size as the rod of your poteniomiter so for me this was about 1/4 really it should be the same for you.

Now for the fun part. which will be in the next step.

Step 7: The Wrong Tool for the Wrong Job.

So now that i have completely wasted your time with that last step, i'm sure your all ready to go nuts with power tools for no reason. luck you that's all this step is.

Drill a hole in the handle with the 1/4 bit where you want the knob to be, you may want to use the knob itself to figure the positioning out.

Once that's done remove the handle with the small piece of PVC and use the drill again to make canal?... I don't know the right word, Just look at the picture. Do this for both the small handle connector and the electrical junction box handle piece. look don't blame me for not having names for these things, i'm doing this on the spot.

Next insert the potentimiter as shown into the small handle connector piece as so that the rod of the potentiomiter is at the end of the canal.

Next guide this assembly into the canal on the junction box and add the knob to the top.

If your just doing this for cheep cosplay then after some spray painting your done but if your in it for something that's a bit more arduino electrical resonator guny then read on.(once I add more, for now your stuck with this)

Step 8: Lights!!

First use the 5/16 bit to drill a hole on the front of the junction box.

And then install one LED as shown in the picture above.

Step 9: Camera!! No Wait B

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    4 years ago

    R r r rick are you you sure this thing works?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Relax morty it'll all be fine
    Just don't think about it.


    Reply 3 years ago

    oh ok rrrick