Rideable Trash Can 2.0




Introduction: Rideable Trash Can 2.0

Version 1 of my rideable trashcan was fun, but version 2 has steering and collapsible handle. Still no brakes......

Step 1: Tools and Materials

To make your own rideable trash can you will need,


  • Trash can
  • Razor Scooter
  • Metal bits
  • Zip tie


  • Drill,with bits
  • Cutting tool
  • Welder
  • Grinder

Step 2: The Build

Begin by finding a trash can and scooter that fit each other. I was fortunate to have one that was the right size and even had a spot for the handle to fit into.

Using your grinder or other means, carefully cut off the scooter base from the shaft. Take care not to damage the main shaft and leave a little to weld a support piece onto.

Mark the center of the can lid and cut a hole through the top for the scooter shaft. Line up the scooter and cut a larger hole for the bottom. Make it large enough for the shaft and any scooter parts to turn freely.

Now get some scrap metal and weld/bend/cut an L shape that can go around the handle and connect to the scooter. I cut a piece of square tubing that I had in the shop, but you will have to use what you have. Weld that on the best you can and your almost done. I know my welding is terrible but I'm a computer programmer give me a break.

More smoothing of the rough edges and a quick paint job are still to be done.

Step 3: Assemble and Ride

Take the scooter handle apart so that you can fit it through the holes and reassemble.

Straighten and lock down any clamps on the scooter shaft. I put a zip tie through the middle lock to keep it from moving too much, but it should hold on its own.

Now take it to the top of your driveway, extend the collapsible handle bars and give it a test. Your feet are the brakes and helmets for the little ones of course.

Hopefully you enjoyed this instructable and your kids will never complain about bringing in the trash/recycling cans again.

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