Ridiculously Easy Apple Pie




Introduction: Ridiculously Easy Apple Pie

This is a very simple and delicious Apple Pie you can do if you're looking to impress but dont want to go that extra mile

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Step 1: Get the Ingredients

Items needed:
• Pie Dish
• 1 box of Pillsbury Pie Crust
• 6 boxes of Stouffers Simple Dishes Harvest Apples
• Cinnamon
• Sugar

Step 2: Heat the Oven to 350

Step 3: Heat the Apples in the Microwave for 5:00 Mins

Depending on the size of your pie dish, you need 6 boxes to fill a 10 inch pie

Step 4: Put the Dough in the Dish While the Apples Are Heating

Step 5: Place the Apples in the Dish

Do not let looks deceive, these Stouffer Harvest apples are tart and delicious!

Step 6: Sprinkle Cinnamon Over the Apples

Step 7: Get the Second Roll of Dough and Put Over the Pie

Step 8: Crimp the Ends by Pinching

Step 9: Get a Fork and Put Steam Vents in the Crust

Step 10: Sprinkle Sugar on the Top

Step 11: Place in the Oven

Step 12: Bake for 50 Mins

Do something productive while you're waiting :)

Step 13: Take Out of the Oven and Let Cool for an Hour+

Step 14: Enjoy With a Scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream

The picture might not look appetizing due to my horrible pie slicing skills, but boy is this stuff good ;)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I love those apples and usually serve them with pork chops. I think I'll try the pie this Sunday. Thanks for the recipe!