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I got tired of walking around with a gas powered blower trying to get all the leaves into a pile. I found enough parts to make an electric blower for my electric golf cart. this save my back and eliminates the need for all that gas/oil mix in the shed. I've seen plenty of big gas powered blowers even some bigger than this but why not go green.

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Step 1: Fitting It All Together

I found this blower in a dumpster. It needed new bearings but the cage was in good shape. I had a 48V reel motor from an old reel to reel computer tape drive. These are amazingly powerful.I fitted the motor into the outlet area. I only needed half the port area for the reducer duct and I was going to cap off the rest anyway. some air leaks out around the motor and this keeps the motor cool

Step 2: First Test

I used a 12V battery to test the idea and it worked pretty good that way. I never bothered to hook up to the main battery pack since it would probably blow the duct apart. its a 36V cart but the batteries are pretty fresh so they sit over 40V as seen on the cool digital dash I added to my EZGO.

Much quieter and I get to sit comfortably until its time to rake them into bags.

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    Bill WW

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Can you change the output so that you always are blowing leaves to the neighbor's yard? That would be my plan.

    That would be awesome. You could reenact the trash compactor scene from Star Wars...NEVER MIND, DON'T DO THAT! At this point the wife just rolls her eyes and looks the other way as long as they have room for his toys (they also have a couple WWII army jeeps and countless smaller vehicles, in addition to the fire trucks). He picks the kids up from school in the fire engines sometimes, which they love, of course! haha


    5 years ago

    Trucks*** stupid auto correct.