Knex Rifle Bipod

Introduction: Knex Rifle Bipod

Hey Istructibles users! Here's an easy rifle bipod with a tip that should fit all rifles in some way. It has 360 degree swiveling and 180 degree up and down.



green- 5

white- 2

blue- 6

yellow- 4

red- 12

grey- 12


orange double sided- 5

yellow (5 sockets)- 10

white (8 sockets)- 1

grey and blue clip combo- 6

blue and blue clip combo- 5


grey spacer- 3

blue spacer- 4

black rod end cap- 2

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Step 1: The Base

Step 2: The 2nd Level

Step 3: The 3rd Level

Step 4: The Swivel

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    2 years ago

    This would be a good bipod if it was just a tad bit smaller